Indus Water Treaty between two countries on water dispute is said to be a successful international examples

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Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan on water dispute is said to be a successful international examples. 56 years ago, both signed the agreement. Despite of two wars and a limited war Kargil between the both countries, treaty remains. There were several problems and voices of protest but did not impact on the treaty.

September 19, 1960 in Karachi Indus River Agreement was signed.

Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah of Pakistan of Indus Basin Treaty from 1993 to 2011 said, "according to the rules of the agreement unilaterally at any treaty can not cancel or change. Both nations have to decide to change or to create a new agreement."

Brahma Chellaney writes in newspaper "The Hindu", "India with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, under Section 62 of Treatise withdraw that terrorist groups use Pakistan is against him. The tour Court If the basic conditions that any treaty change could be canceled.

India can withdraw the treaty if Pakistan uses terrorist attacks against India. International court has said that if there are changes in basic conditions then a treaty could be canceled.


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