Preparing for Job Interviews - Get SMART!

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Facing an interview! And nervousness! That’s quite common. You need to buck up and get smart. Communication skills are pretty much the essential thing required and noticed by the interviewer after judging the subject knowledge you have. You must be able to demonstrate yourself and the skill and the experience you hold. It is very necessary that you are able to interact well and clear all the questions of the interviewer that he/she puts. The common mistake is that one hesitates during the interview and here you get a lesser score as compared to your counterparts. Be prepared before the interview and be flawless. Don’t hesitate or take too much time to demonstrate yourself in front of the interviewer.

Get SMART in the following ways and prepare for the upcoming interview:
  • Specific: Be specific and clear about the achievements and have a record of them.
  • Measurable: about the experience or any field work and the proper duration.
  • Actionable: Here you need to be actionable by giving a good response to the questions by the good, fluent and flawless communication skills. This will impress the interviewer and you will come into notice by the confidence. This will definitely boost your chances to get selected.
  • Relevant, clear and straight forward: do not quote any term about yourself that is unspecified or confusing or may be judged wrong in front of the jury. Employees want the person that is passionate and clear about the job terms so show passion and your willingness to continue. Highlight and be relevant in terms of the skills so that you can prove yourself the perfect person for the job.
  • Timed: timing is really necessary during the interview. Take a quick pause when the question is asked and give the response in an impressive manner. Highlight and start with the best qualities and achievements of yours.
The common and the very first question asked during the interview -“tell us something about you”. So if you response quickly, it will be a positive start for you.

SMART criteria followed by the people helps them in setting personality development goal. It will help and focus for the preparation of the razor-sharp interview response.

Other Tips:
  • Dress well as a professional and decent. Show off must be discarded.
  • Be confident and straightforward, as the interviewer will not be impressed by you if you try to misguide them about yourself.
  • Give an outline about the task and the situation you had related to the field or the job and tell about the action you took and the observed results.


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