Career in Forensic Science, Criminology, Police

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Career in Forensic Science, Criminology, Police: A relatively new field has been created wherein people who are interested in criminology and crime investigations can opt for a career in Forensic, Criminology police. This exciting career is many a times is viewed with awe and admiration by the common man. With the right aptitude and determination you can embark upon this unique career and be a successful Forensic scientist. The crime rate in the country is increasing due to multiple factors such as lack of patience, intense greed and many more. In recent times, there is rapid advancement in DNA technology and this has led to the creation of National DNA Database .Thus the department of police is depending greatly on the forensic evidence. As a result numbers of job are being created in the Forensic Science Sector. There is a considerable growth in the growth in employment opportunities even though the competition for senior positions in forensic science is very intense.  

Preparation:There are a number of ways that you can prepare yourself for a career in as a forensic scientist. An undergraduate degree in forensic science includes topics such as crime scene investigation and criminology as well as basic chemistry and biology. You can also go for post graduate degree in forensic science from a reputed college. Undoubtedly these courses give you the right kind of education but still these courses do not prepare you for the workplace. Besides the correct academic background there are many personal characteristics which are important for this job. A Career in Forensic, Criminology, and Police you will requires in-depth knowledge, tremendous patience as well as intense concentration. The work is exhaustive, painstaking and at times monotonous. An inquisitive bent of mind is very essential, in addition to an ability to produce excellent analytical work. You will require varied skills such as, mass spectrometry, molecular biological techniques, and chromatography in order to deliver results.  

Career Prospects: There are many job prospects for a person who wants to take up this profession such as at , police departments, crime scenes, in courtrooms or in a traditional office environment. Private investigation companies also offer jobs to competent professional and offer substantial pay packages and salary. Armed with a competitive degree and work experience you can set up your own private workshop and forensic laboratory. People who have the dedication and strong will power coupled with knowledge and training for this challenging career can earn many professional rewards.


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