Career should be selected according to the personality

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Selection of career is not an easy job except for a few of them. After completing the graduation everyone is wondering as how to choose a career for the future. John Holland had divided the human race into six personality types and it is considered to be a useful point of starting on the career. You will be the one who can be fitted in more than one category so you should look fro those jobs which will combine two to three categories from his list. 

There are some useful tips which will help you to search for a career which will best suit to your personality:

  • But before we will look at the personality concept one should realize that career building is an ongoing process. You will become more mature and gain some experience as your personality development .With the passage of time you are changing your ideas about the selection of the career you want to adopt.
  • One should keep an open mind if in future things will not go according to your expectations.
  • No doubt personality plays an important role in the type of career you want to select .In case you are social then you want to enjoy the company of people while working with them .The important thing to consider is that you want to work with which types of people and in what capacity too.
  • Suppose you want to work with some sick children, nurse or even as a doctor, even you can work with healthy students as their teacher or even sports instructor too.
  • There are some enterprising people who want to start their won work in the form of business .They will work on their own risks and are also prepared to do hard work too. Self-employment is the right answer for these people.
  • In case you are an artistic person then you are naturally attracted towards those careers which will express your talents. Different types of artistic talents are theater, art, writing and painting too. In case your talents are not enough to support you for as full time career then you can definitely take some form of training or even working in a job which is related to your artistic interests.
  • There is a wide range of possibilities from investigating journalism too such as research in medicine, science or in any other field too.


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