Self introduction is the key to success for interview

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Various guidelines are there but the self introduction is the key to success for interview in any profession

One must create an image of someone when ever been called for any interview so that you must be selected by the employees of an organization and you are on the top of the list of the employees. Self-introduction is the key for the success in any interview because you are starting from the scratch as the employers know nothing about you. No doubt they got your resume in hand but when they meet you personally then they are able to judge about your personality as they want to see whom they are going to employ in their organization. Your first impression in the interview to your employer becomes a confirmation for your job. The most important in an interview is to create a positive impression in an interview so that it will be successful for you. One must adopt all types of good ideas for that such as firm handshake to the employer, while speaking you must look confident into their eyes. The only way to create a first impression in the eyes of an employer is that you should appear confident as well as open to the employer.

Once you are seated in the interview you have to give a smile to the interviewer. Yourself introduction is the phase where you will develop a rapport with the interviewer which will give you in the need a positive outcome for your result. One must prepare in advance about the self introduction. It should be some short statements which will sound good to the listener. It should not be more than three minutes and also includes that you are interested in both the job and organization. You have to search fro the organization before giving the self introduction part of the employers.

Important points to be included in your self-introduction:

  • You should include your strengths and achievements which will be directly related to the needs of the new job.
  • Even you have to include your personal qualities too because it is more important than your ability to do the job.
  • The way you will speak about your self introduction gives an idea to the interviewer that you are confident in your abilities .Even you must rehearse in front of your friend before giving an actual presentation in front of the employers.


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