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It is that time of the year again. We look back to the year that was and look forward to the New Year. This is the time to make new plans and assess what we achieved in the last year.  What was good and what was bad. What worked for us and what did not? Someone correctly said, “Failure is the stepping stone on the road to success.” Every setback, every failure teaches us something. Only, if we are willing to learn from them and not get bogged down.
New Year brings new happiness and new promises. And with that come new challenges. We should make a list of things to do in the year 2012 e.g. get updated with General Knowledge 2012. But just listing down your dos is not enough. You should also work on a plan to achieve it. If it is a huge task that needs a lot of time, break the task into smaller parts and set a time line to accomplish those parts.

Let me take an example: you want to cut down your weight by 12 kg by the end of year 2012. It is a kind of task that needs constant work throughout the year. You cannot say if I start in October, I will be able to complete it by the end of the year.  It does not work that way. You need to set your goals and plan accordingly. You can divide the task into 4 parts, which means by the end of moth no. 3 i.e. March, you should cut down your weight by 3 kg. Now if you look at it 3kg sounds achievable. Isn’t it? It is extremely important to measure your tasks. Unless you know how to measure what you plan to accomplish, how will you know, if you have accomplished what you had set out to do.

This method of breaking a big task into small chunks works in most cases. No matter what you want to accomplish, you need a positive attitude. It is the positive attitude that separates men from boys. Here I would like to quote a famous Hindi couplet:

Man ke hare har hai, man ke jeete jeet

The powerful idea behind this simple couplet is that you if you have accepted defeat then no one can help you win but if your outlook is positive and you have a winning attitude, no one can defeat you.

With this positive thought, I leave you to welcome the New Year with enthusiasm and joy. May the New Year brings happiness, success and joy in your life. Happy New Year!


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