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What you want to do in life?  What is your aim? All of us face these questions from time to time. Students in particular come face to face with these questions when they pass 10th or 12th class examinations. It is not only what you want to do in life but what options do you have to realize your dreams. Our new offering - Career Guide and Career FAQs - is a step in this direction. It is to help you provide information about various career opportunities and options you can explore depending upon your qualification and interest.

It is important to have right career guidance when you are looking to build your career. You should be able to analyze various pros and cons of a career and are you a best fit for the profession you decide to choose.  There are immense possibilities when it comes to building a career or choosing one. It’s up to you what you want to do in life. Fly an airplane, become a Yoga guru, treat the sick, join the army and serve the nation, become an engineer and build big, better engineering marvels, opt for a teaching job and build the future of the nation, join an NGO to serve the needy and poor, opt for accountancy and deal in numbers, look for a career in banking sector, start a business…we can go on and on. The objective behind Career FAQs is to answer most frequently asked questions related to a career.

We believe this information is at the base of any decision that one takes when it comes to choosing a career. Moreover, you can have the advantage of understanding and knowledge about various professions. You can opt for one that suits your qualification and the kind of person you are. At times, when taking up a career, we hardly have a 2nd option or a fall back plan in place. It is very important to have a 2nd option or even a 3rd just in case things do not fall in place. This is particularly seen among the candidates preparing for civil services examinations. They spend all their money, time and energy in trying to make it big. And when it doesn’t happen, you see them dejected, defeated and at loss. It is at this moment they realize the importance of a fall back plan.
This is not applicable only to what career we choose but also to all important decisions we take in life. There has to be a cushion so that you don’t fall flat with a thud when things don’t go your way. It is through posts like this and Career FAQs that we want to help you realize your career dreams.


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